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how to prepare for a dachshund puppy

Top 10 Tips on How to Prepare for a Dachshund Puppy

So, you’ve found your perfect Dachshund puppy, you’ve been patiently watching them grown until they are 8 weeks old. Now the time to welcome them to your home is fast approaching. This article will teach you how to prepare for a dachshund puppy. Bringing a puppy home is so exciting, but it can fast become…

Vegan collar designed for dachshunds.

Best Collar for a Dachshund

One of the first products you purchase for your pet is a collar, so you want to make sure you’re buying the best collar for a Dachshund. It is easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a collar, rather than the practicality, however it is so important that you buy a collar that…

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Can a Dachshund Kill a Snake

Can a Dachshund Kill a Snake? Exploring the Hunting Abilities of Dachshunds

If you’re a dachshund owner, you may have wondered if your furry friend has what it takes to kill a snake. While dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and other small animals, their predatory instincts can extend to snakes as well. However, whether or not a dachshund can kill a snake depends on a…

Will Two Female Dachshunds Get Along

Will Two Female Dachshunds Get Along?

Dachshunds, with their distinctive elongated shape, have charmed their way into the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. Originally from Germany and bred for their hunting prowess, these delightful dogs are now cherished family members in many homes. However, a common query that arises among potential dachshund owners is: “Will two female dachshunds get along?” This…

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much

Why Do Dachshunds Cry So Much? The Ultimate Guide

The question “Why do Dachshunds cry so much?” often arises among pet owners and enthusiasts. This breed, known for its distinct appearance, also stands out due to its vocal nature. Delving into their history, temperament, and health can provide insights into this expressive behavior. Key Takeaways Separation Anxiety Separation anxiety is a distressing emotional condition…

What Happens If You Never Walk Your Dog

What Happens If You Never Walk Your Dog?

Walking your dog is more than just a means of physical exercise; it serves as a crucial element of their mental and emotional well-being. But what happens if you never walk your dog? This article aims to delve into the consequences of not walking your dog, exploring the physical, mental, and long-term effects it can…

Collar Or Harness For A Dachshund

Collar Or Harness For A Dachshund?

When it comes to your Dachshund’s wellbeing, choosing the right walking accessory is more than a matter of style or convenience. The debate between a collar and a harness is a common one among Dachshund owners, and the answer isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. It hinges on various factors, including your Dachshund’s health,…

Do Squeaky Toys Make Dogs Aggressive

Do Squeaky Toys Make Dogs Aggressive?

From the high-pitched squeal of a rubber duck to the incessant chirping of a plush bird, you’ve likely noticed your dog’s intense fascination with squeaky toys. But have you ever wondered if these noise-making playthings could be instigating aggression in your furry friend? This article aims to unravel this mystery for you. We’ll delve into…