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how to prepare for a dachshund puppy

Top 10 Tips on How to Prepare for a Dachshund Puppy

So, you’ve found your perfect Dachshund puppy, you’ve been patiently watching them grown until they are 8 weeks old. Now the time to welcome them to your home is fast approaching. This article will teach you how to prepare for a dachshund puppy. Bringing a puppy home is so exciting, but it can fast become…

Best Collar for a Dachshund 2

Best Collar for a Dachshund

One of the first products you purchase for your pet is a collar, so you want to make sure you’re buying the best collar for a Dachshund. It is easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a collar, rather than the practicality, however it is so important that you buy a collar that…

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Why Do Dachshund Ears Stand Up

Why Do Dachshund Ears Stand Up? What To Keep An Eye Out For

Have you ever noticed the cute floppy ears of a dachshund and wondered why they stand up? Movement in the ears is an indicator of a dachshund’s mood. When they are alert, their ears will stand up or perk forward to take in the environment around them. When relaxed, their ears often flop down and…

what is a group of dachshunds called

What is a group of dachshunds called? Unraveling the Mystery.

Have you ever wondered what a group of dachshunds is called? Well, it turns out that the answer is not as straightforward as one might think. While some people may refer to them as a “pack” or “litter,” in reality, there isn’t an official name for such a gathering. In this article, we’ll explore the…

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It

Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

Subscription boxes are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy pet supplies, especially dog-related items. But are dog subscription boxes really worth it? To help you decide whether or not a dog subscription box is a right choice for your pup, here’s what you need to know. What are dog subscription boxes? Subscription boxes come…

Are subs bad for dogs

Are subs bad for dogs: Is the Bass Harming Your Furry Friend?

Subwoofers are powerful audio tools that add an extra layer of low-end sound to your music. But can the bass from these speakers be harmful to your pet? In this article, we’ll explore whether subwoofers are bad for dogs and what you can do to make sure your furry friend is safe. The short answer…

Best Phish Dog Names

The Best Phish Dog Names for the Grooviest Pup on the Block

Looking for a unique and funky dog name that pays tribute to your love of Phish? Check out our list of the best Phish-themed dog names. From classic songs to legendary band members, there’s something for every music-loving pup.

Best Yankee Dog Names

29 Best Yankee Dog Names: A Home Run for Your Furry Fan

Find the perfect name for your Yankees-loving pup with our list of 29 best Yankee dog names. From A-Rod to Yogi, these playful names are inspired by iconic players in Yankees history.