Are Dachshunds Allowed Strawberries?

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Like any other pet dog, dachshunds love to devour treats and snacks. That includes a wide variety of fruits that we humans enjoy. But not every fruit is safe or healthy for your dachshund. 

There are, however, certain fruits that are pet-safe and nutritious for dachshunds. These include various types of berries like strawberries.

So if you’re thinking of feeding your dog strawberries, you might be wondering, “Are dachshunds allowed strawberries?”

In this article, you’ll learn about everything related to feeding your dachshund strawberries safely.

So are dachshunds allowed strawberries?

The good news is that yes, dachshunds are allowed strawberries. That’s because strawberries aren’t only healthy for humans, but also safe for dogs. Keep in mind, though, that the digestive system of every dog works differently.

So before introducing strawberries as a treat to your doxie, you should consult your vet. That way, you’ll rest assured of feeding your dachshund strawberries without having to worry!

Health Benefits of Strawberries for Dachshunds

Strawberries are the kind of berries that contain a handful amount of vitamins and other minerals. By feeding your dachshund strawberries, you’ll be giving him a healthy treat. And this healthy treat isn’t only yummy, but low in calories as well.

Along with this, here are a bunch of other health benefits strawberries contain:

  • Antioxidants – great for your dog’s immune system as well as fighting diseases. Plus, these fight allergies, too!
  • Vitamin C – is one of the essential vitamins that also improve your dog’s immune system to fight off health problems.
  • Magnesium – helps in the functioning of the nervous system and improves it (the amount should be in moderation).
  • Fiber – helps in regulating your dog’s bowel movement, especially constipation.
  • Malic acid – is great for your dog’s oral health as well as it reduces the risk of liver disease

Not limited to these, strawberries contain a bunch of other nutrients as well. That makes strawberries a good snack choice for dachshunds!

How many strawberries can a Dachshund have?

With lots of benefits, you might be tempted to feed your dachshund a bunch of strawberries. However, you should never overfeed your dachshund with fruits.

So how many strawberries should you feed your dachshunds? Well, it’s important to remember that every fruit should be fed in moderation. That means, you can incorporate strawberries in their meals but a minimal amount is recommended.

Now before you start feeding strawberries to your dachshund, you should start with a small portion as a test sample.

Introduce a very small amount of strawberry to your dachshund at the start. Cut strawberries into small chunks and serve them to your dachshund.

So, feed two to three strawberries as these are plenty for a medium-sized dachshund.

Lastly, for a miniature dachshund, a few small chunks of strawberry would be plenty!

Things to avoid when feeding strawberries to dachshunds

While feeding your dachshund strawberries, you should keep in mind a few things.

Always feed your dachshunds fresh and natural organic strawberries. But if you’ve got frozen strawberries, then just make sure they are unsweetened. And, of course, strawberries containing preservatives should be avoided as well.

Just because a product “includes” strawberries doesn’t mean you can feed it to your Dachshund always check the label first!

How to feed strawberries to your dachshund?

Take out fresh whole strawberries (2-3 pieces) and wash them properly under running water.

Now, start removing the stems and leaves of strawberries before you start cutting them.

Once you’ve washed the strawberries thoroughly, it’s time to slice them into chunky bits. You can then use these as little treats. Or, if it’s warm outside chuck these in the freezer for a few hours and let your Dachshund enjoy some frozen fruit.

Can dachshunds eat Strawberry ice cream?

Strawberry ice cream might be your favorite frozen food. But, sadly, your dachshund shouldn’t be allowed to have it.

Especially, when it contains other ingredients like nuts and added sweeteners.

Can dachshunds eat strawberry yogurt?

Strawberry yogurt is another treat that you might be tempted to offer your dachshund.

But should dachshunds be allowed strawberry yogurt?

Well, this sweet delight contains ingredients that aren’t dog-safe. Strawberry yogurt contains artificial sweeteners and other ingredients. Any treat or snack that has these ingredients shouldn’t be allowed to your dachshund.

But again, you can go for dog-safe alternatives that are natural.

Can Dachshunds eat strawberry cake?

Like any other delicious sweet, the strawberry cake contains high sugar content. Besides this, it contains fat, butter, and milk. All of these ingredients combined can make your dachshund sick.

Your doxie may experience diarrhea, vomiting, and other symptoms. For that reason, you shouldn’t feed strawberry cake to your dachshund.

Dachshunds and increasing risk of diabetes

Feeding any snack with high sugar content to dachshunds shouldn’t be allowed. It is because it can increase the risk of diabetes. Strawberries contain high sugar content. Feeding excessive strawberries to your pet dog isn’t recommended. Always consider feeding strawberries in moderation.

The Bottom Line

Strawberries are dog-safe delights that are allowed for dachshunds. Incorporating the proper amount of strawberries in your dog’s diet is allowed.

After all, it makes for a portion of healthy balanced diet food for your dachshund. However, before feeding them to your doxie, you should consult a vet.

The vet would determine the proper serving size for your dachshund. Should your dachshund shows any symptoms after having strawberries, then visit your vet.