Are Dog Subscription Boxes Worth It? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Subscription boxes are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy pet supplies, especially dog-related items. But are dog subscription boxes really worth it?

To help you decide whether or not a dog subscription box is a right choice for your pup, here’s what you need to know.

What are dog subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and they usually contain various items tailored to your pet’s needs.

Dog subscription boxes typically include toys, treats, grooming products, and other items specifically for dogs.

They can be a great way to try out new items without committing to buying in bulk and a great way to buy products you wouldn’t usually have thought of!

Why Get Dog Subscription Boxes?

Dog subscription boxes can offer a convenient way to receive pet supplies. You can set one up once and then enjoy a regular shipment of items tailored to your pup’s needs. This is especially beneficial if you’re looking for unique products or hard-to-find treats.

Subscription boxes are also great if you’re short on time and don’t have the opportunity to shop for your pup regularly. You can save time and money by having everything you need delivered right to your door.

Pros of dog subscription boxes

By far, the biggest pro of subscribing to a subscription box is convenience. It’s much easier than remembering to buy new items for your pup every month, and you don’t have to worry about running out of supplies.

Additionally, subscription boxes often come with great deals. Many offer discounts for subscribing to their service, and you may be able to get special items that would otherwise not be available.

Finally, many of these companies donate a portion of the proceeds from each order to animal welfare charities, so even if you’re not getting an item for your pup, you’re still helping out a great cause.

Cons of dog subscription boxes

Now, for the cons. The biggest con of dog subscription boxes is that you may not always get what you expect.

Subscription boxes typically come with a variety of items, so if you don’t like something or it’s not right for your pup, you won’t be able to exchange it. Additionally, most subscriptions require a commitment, and you might have to pay a fee if you decide to cancel them early.

Finally, subscription boxes can also be more expensive than simply buying items in bulk. While you may receive some special items with your subscription box that you wouldn’t otherwise find, the cost of convenience can add up over time.

Should You Buy A Subscription Box For Your Dog?

Should You Buy A Subscription Box For Your Dog

This does leave the question: Should you buy a subscription box for your pup?

Ultimately, this is a decision that only you can make. If you’re someone who enjoys trying out new products and don’t mind committing to a period of time with the service, then a dog subscription box could be right up your alley.

However, if you value the ability to choose what items you purchase and don’t want to be tied down to a subscription, then it might not be the right choice. Consider your needs and budget before making a decision.

What’s The Best Dog Subscription Box?

This does depend on your region as well as the type of items you’re looking for. But here are some great options to consider if you’re looking for a dog subscription box.

Subscription Boxes For The UK

Here are a few subscription boxes in the UK.

Ultimutt Dog Box

If you’re looking for a box that provides variety, then Ultimutt Dog Box could be the right choice for you.

Their subscription boxes typically include 4-6 products in each box, such as treats, toys, and accessories. They also include Eco-friendly packing, so you’re saving the planet too!

Their subscription service starts at £21.99 per month, but this depends on what subscription you decide to go for.


Woofbox is another UK company that provides subscription boxes for dogs. They offer a range of different boxes, depending on the size and breed of your dog, and are prestige award-winning too!

Their boxes generally contain treats, toys, and other pet supplies. You can also choose to have them customized according to your pup’s preferences.

Their subscription starts at £24.50 per month. But, you can pick between 1, 3, or a 6-month plan which is discounted depending on the length of time you choose.


If sustainability is at the top of your list, then Collarclub might be the best fit for you.

Their boxes are eco-friendly and made with compostable materials. Each box comes with a range of items, such as toys, treats, and accessories.

They also offer a lot of customization depending on your dog’s size, breed, and allergens.

Their subscription boxes start at £34.99 per month but keep an eye out for sales too!

Dudley’s 100% Natural Doggy Treat & Chew Box (Amazon)

Available on Amazon, this subscription box comes with 100% natural, handmade dog treats and chews. It’s ideal for pups who are picky eaters and provides them with a variety of options to try out.

This is available as a one-off purchase, or if you choose, you can subscribe to receive a box each month with a 10-15% discount.

Subscription Boxes For The US

Here are a few of the best subscription boxes in the US.


A popular choice among dog owners worldwide, BarkBox is a subscription box service that provides treats and toys for your pup.

Each box has 4-6 items, such as new toys, snacks, hygiene products, and more. This box is available both on Amazon and directly through the BarkBox website.

Their subscription starts at $23/month, depending on the size and breed of your dog.


PupJoy is a subscription box service that provides healthy, natural treats and toys for your pup.

Their subscription is slightly different as they let you customize your box yourself by selecting how many items you’d like to receive and the type of products.

Their subscription starts at $24.23 per month, with the option to add on more items if you wish.


The last subscription box we’ll look at is PupBox. This subscription service provides treats, toys, and other pet supplies for your pup.

Their boxes come with 4-7 items tailored to the age of your pup, and this changes as your pup grow.

Their subscription starts at $29/month but keep an eye out for discount codes too!

This concludes our list of the best dog subscription boxes. Whether you’re looking for treats, toys, or something else entirely, these are some great options to consider when it comes to pampering your pup.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this article has helped you find the perfect subscription box for your pup. Whether it’s one of the UK or US options, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Consider your pup’s size, breed, and preferences when selecting a subscription box that best fits their needs.

With all these great services out there, pampering your pooch with monthly treats is easier than ever before! Don’t forget to look out for discounts, too – many companies offer special deals on multi-month subscriptions, so be sure to take advantage of those savings if they’re available.

Remember that no two dogs are alike – what works for one may not work for another – so try different boxes until you find something both you and your furry friend will love!