Are Dogs Allowed at Bryce Canyon?

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Bryce Canyon is a must-see national park located in Southwestern Utah. This location is full of brightly colored red, orange, and white canyons that make for stunning views. Though this park is smaller in size than the closely related Zion National Park, the rock formations are unique, and this location offers activities and views that won’t be found anywhere else.

Hiking the long trails and walking along the canyons is among the most popular things to do when visiting here, and bringing your dog along is always a favorite of many visitors. Taking your dog to Bryce Canyon can provide them great exercise and make the experience more fun for you as well. This National Park has strict rules revolving around dogs, though, so we’re here to inform you to ensure a great trip!

Firstly, dogs are welcomed, but only permitted on paved surfaces in the park. This includes campgrounds, parking lots, paved roads and viewpoint areas (all viewpoints except Piracy Point), and on paved trails. This means that sadly, your furry friend won’t be allowed to join you on trails or unpaved viewpoints.

Bryce Canyon Night Time
Bryce Canyon Night Time

We suggest planning around this requirement if you’re visiting Bryce Canyon so that you’ll still be able to bring your dog wherever you go. There are still plenty of dog-friendly places around the park, so there’s no shortage of things to see and do!

When you’re at one of these park locations, you must keep your dog on a leash at all times with no more than 6 feet of leash extension. Leashes are a good suggestion wherever you go, but especially in National Parks where there’s lots of people and wildlife, it’s a must-have.

Make sure you have control of your dog to ensure people don’t feel bothered and the wildlife stays safe and respected. Picking up waste is also required from dog owners, so don’t forget to bring doggy bags.

Other things you should consider before your next dog hike:

Finally, be sure your dog isn’t making unreasonable noise, like loud and constant barking, and do not leave your pets unattended. All these rules are for the basic respect of the park and other people visiting. It’s also important to note that you can be fined a minimum of $75 if these regulations aren’t being met. We wouldn’t want you to end up in that situation, so be mindful of these rules.

Bryce Canyon is a beautiful location, but the summers can get very hot and dry. Therefore, bringing water for yourself and your dog is important. We want you to have the best time possible and fully enjoy your experience at this wonderful location.

Check out the popular areas of the park, including Rainbow Point (the point with the highest elevation in the park), Cedar Breaks National Monument, and the White Cliffs. This location also has a rich history of Native American living and European American settlement, so it’s fun to learn more about these topics while you’re there. Keep us updated on your experience at this park. Have a great time and stay safe!