Are Dogs Allowed at Mount St. Helens?

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Dog owners are always looking for fun places to bring their dogs. Nature trails and parks are among the most popular locations due to their relaxed pet regulations and the exercise it provides your pet. National parks are well-known, stunning natural parks around the United States that offer a variety of wildlife and beautiful views.

Mount Saint Helens Volcanic Monument is not exactly considered a National Park, due to its unique volcanic characteristics, but it belongs to an official government organization in the United States and is protected like a National Park. Mount St. Helens is an active volcano, with its most recent eruption occurring in 1980. No need to worry though, it’s not predicted to erupt again for a while.

If you’re looking for a place that both you and your dog will enjoy, you need to take a trip up to Washington where this park is located. There are stunning views of the snow-capped mountain range, hikes of all difficulties for you and your dog to enjoy, and a rich history of the land that spans back thousands of years.

Can You Bring Your Dog to Mount Saint Helens?

Good question! For all you dog lovers, there are designated park spaces where you can bring your pet. To protect plant and animal life, it’s important to keep your dog on leash and make sure they stay on the trail. It’s also good to be mindful of other visitors, so make sure your dog stays nearby and you pick up after them.

Be sure to check a map for the areas where you’re allowed to bring your dog. You’ll want to follow the rules and regulations of the park to ensure a fun and safe trip with your dog. Come prepared by bringing water, food, and bags, as well as checking the weather before you go.

To make your experience as fun as possible and to get the most out of the park, we recommend these three trails to bring your dog on. You’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience as you hike through the beautiful landscape.

Things you should consider before going on your next hike:

Best Trails to Bring Your Dog On

Best Trails to Bring Your Dog On
Windy Trail St Helens

Coldwater Lake via Lakes Trail

If you’re looking for a moderate hike to bring your dog on, try the Coldwater Lake Trail. This 8.8-mile trail offers gorgeous views as you walk through forests and fields, and past mountains and lakes. It takes about 3 hours to complete, so it’s perfect for an afternoon of hiking with your dog. Be sure to follow the regulations and keep your dog safe throughout the hike. They’re bound to love being out in nature and exploring with you.

Mount Margaret via Boundary Trail

If you’re looking for a challenge, Mount Margaret is for you. This 12-mile trail generally takes about 6 hours to complete, making it a full-day trip. It’s a popular trail for backpacking, birding, and camping, so if you’re an outdoorsy person, this one is perfect. Even better, you can bring your dog! They must stay on a leash at all times though. On a trail with this difficulty and length, be sure you’re properly preparing before you begin.

Let’s Hit the Trails!

Hopefully, you’ll consider taking a trip to this gorgeous location with your dog. Everything is more fun when you bring your dog along, especially hiking. Good luck on the trails and stay safe!