Do Dachshunds Drink A Lot Of Water? Ways To Increase Their Water Consumption

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Dachshunds can be very stubborn breeds. And if yours is anything like ours then reminding them to drink can be a challenge. But don’t worry, there are ways to increase their water consumption and in this blog, we will go over ways to do it and why it’s important to stay on top of it too!

Why is it important to keep an eye on your dachshund’s drinking habits? 

Dachshunds are a very active breed of dog, and as such, they need a lot of water to stay hydrated. Making sure they get enough water can help to prevent them from becoming dehydrated, which in turn can lead to a number of health problems. Water is vital for a dachshund’s overall health and well-being, so it is important to make sure they are getting enough of it. 

What are the health risks if your Dachshund doesn’t get enough water in their diet? 

If your Dachshund doesn’t drink enough water, they can become dehydrated and develop health problems such as:

  1. Dehydration can lead to decreased energy levels, poor vision, seizures, and even death.
  2. A lack of water can also cause the skin on your Dachshund’s body to become dry and cracked, their hair to fall out in clumps, and their nails to grow brittle and yellow.
  3. Dehydration can also interfere with the absorption of nutrients from food which can lead to nutritional deficiencies.
  4. Another health risk is bladder stones. If your Dachshund doesn’t drink enough water, they can develop bladder stones which can be very difficult to treat and may even require surgery.

Easy ways to increase your Dachunds water consumption.

Unfortunately, for us, our dachshund (Scooby) developed bladder stones recently. And, although this wasn’t due to lack of hydration we do believe this played a part in this. We’re now very strict on making sure he gets enough water in his diet and here are some of the easiest ways  to do this: 

Make sure they have plenty of fresh water available at all times

This is probably the most important way to increase your dachshund’s drinking habits! Providing them with plenty of fresh water even if you’re walking multiple times a day it’s worth it in the long run.

Cup is best?

Don’t ask me why but Scooby loves his water in a cup! We’ve tried various other ways to get him to drink more but nothing seems to work as well as giving him his own little cup. He loves it and so do we, which is one less thing we have to worry about!

Have water in multiple locations

If your Dachshund is like ours he seems to follow us around wherever we go. So, having water available in multiple places around the house is a great way to make sure they always have access to it.  

Use quality food

butternut box food
Butternut Box Food

Scooby has a mix of fresh and dry food so making sure his food is high in water content will help to keep him hydrated.

We use Butternut Box if you’re here in the UK – their food is very high quality with fresh ingredients and then top it off with some dry kibble.

Water down their food

dachund watered down dinner
Scoobys watered-down food

Another really easy way to increase your dachshund’s water consumption is to water down their food.

This isn’t always possible but if you can do it then it’s a great way to help them drink more.

Just make sure they have plenty of fresh water available too,

Make sure they’re getting enough exercise 

A lot of times when a dog doesn’t drink enough water it’s because they’re not getting the exercise they need. If you can get your Dachshund out for a walk every day then that would be great!

What if my Dachshund doesn’t like drinking water at all?

Now, this is a fairly rare but not unheard of occurrence. Some dachshunds just don’t like drinking water and there’s not really anything we can do about it. If this is the case then you’ll need to trick them into it!

As we mentioned earlier one of the easiest ways to start out is by adding water into their food. Dachshunds love food so if you can sneak a little water into their food they’ll start to drink more. 

If that doesn’t work then you could try and dilute goats’ milk with water. You can then gradually add more water and less goats milk over time until they’re only drinking the water.

Another thing you can try is a doggy fountain. For some reason running water is really appealing to dachshunds and if you have one in your home then they’ll be more likely to drink from it.

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Wrapping Things Up

Dachshunds need a lot of water to stay hydrated, and making sure they get enough can help prevent health problems such as dehydration, bladder stones, and nutritional deficiencies.

There are many easy ways to increase your Dachshund’s water consumption, including providing them with plenty of fresh water, using quality food that is high in water content, watering down their food, and giving them exercise. If your Dachshund does ‘t seem to be getting enough water and you’re still worried it’s best to call your veterinarian.