Do Dachshunds Shed?

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Yes, Dachshunds do shed. However, they are not heavy shedders and tend to shed hair less than other breeds of dogs. With proper grooming, you should be able avoid constantly cleaning up dachshund-hair dust bunnies around your home.

How much a dachshund sheds depends on the type of coat they have. There are three types of coat types found in Dachshunds: short-haired, wired-hair, and long-haired. Each type will shed a bit differently and will have different grooming guidelines.

Do Dachshund Dogs Shed A Lot?

No, in comparison with other breeds, dachshunds do not shed a lot. Generally, dachshunds are considered low to moderate shedders. You won’t find clumps of your dachshund’s hair routinely floating around your house the way you might with a German Shephard.

Proper grooming, both at home and professionally, will also reduce how much your dachshund will shed. Additionally, the amount that your dachshund will shed depends upon the type of coat they have, as there is some variation in shedding amongst the different coat types.

Which Type of Dachshund Sheds The Least?

While Dachshunds as a breed can be considered low to moderate shedders, there is variation in shedding among the various coat types.

Long-haired dachshunds are double-coated, so they will shed twice a year. Due to their long hairs, shedding is typically more noticeable than with other coat types. Due to their long hair, and thicker undercoat, long-haired dachshunds shed the most out of the three coat types.

To help combat shedding, long-haired dachshunds should be brushed daily, and visits to the groomers (especially around autumn and spring) are essential. Even though long-haired dachshunds shed the most of the different coat types, with proper grooming they will shed less than other breeds.

Short-Haired dachshunds will shed a bit less than their long-haired counterparts, and due to the size of the hairs, shedding will be less noticeable. However, unlike long-haired dachshunds, short-haired dachshunds shed all year round. Rather than going through a seasonal period of shedding their coasts, you’ll find that they will shed a small amount consistently throughout the year.

Short-Haired dachshunds are the most low maintenance when it comes to grooming, and a good brushing once a week or so will not only keep their coat looking smooth and shiny but help keep shedding in check as well.

Although you might expect short-haired dachshunds to shed the least, that title actually goes to the wire-hair coat type.

Wire-haired dachshunds have a thick, fluffy undercoat much like long-haired dachshunds. However, their slightly coarser outer coat tends to shed less, meaning you’re mainly contending with the shedding of the undercoat twice a year. This makes them the best of the bunch in terms of shedding.

Like long-haired dachshunds, you should take your wire-haired dachshund to the groomers twice a year when they start to shed their undercoat. However, brushing them once or a twice a week is sufficient to take care of their outer coat.

Are Dachshunds Hypoallergenic

Dachshunds are not a hypoallergenic breed. However, due to their small size and moderate shedding, they may be a bit easier on people with allergies.

It’s worth pointing out here as well that wired-haired varieties of dachshunds tend to produce less dander, so out of the three different coat types, they will be the least offensive to people with allergies.

While dachshunds aren’t hypoallergenic, with proper grooming and sufficient vacuuming of your home, they may be a good choice for someone who suffers from allergies.