Do Mini Dachshunds Get Cold Easily?

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While it is true that some dogs enjoy the cold weather, there are some breeds like the Miniature Dachshund who enjoy warmer climates. This dog breed originates in Germany and has typically been bred to flush out badgers and other burrowing animals.

Although their hair coat provides them with some insulation, they will still need a house or sweater while outside in cooler weather. The best way to keep your pup warm is by always bringing them inside when the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit! (4.44 Celsius)

How cold is too cold for a dachshund

Anything below 40F can be considered too cold for your dachshund and for other dogs as well. Puppies, older dogs, and those with health conditions are especially susceptible to the cold and should be brought inside when the temperature drops.

If you have a dog that likes to spend time outside in colder weather, make sure they always have access to a warm place to retreat to and plenty of water.

Do miniature dachshunds get cold easily?

Just like any other dog breed, mini dachshunds can get cold easily if they are not properly dressed for the weather. Be sure to keep your pup warm by dressing them in a coat or sweater when outside in cooler temperatures and bringing them inside when it falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

And don’t forget to always provide them with a warm place to retreat to and plenty of water!

What temperature can dachshunds tolerate?

As already mentioned, dachshunds cannot tolerate cold below 40F. So when the temperature goes below that, you should take steps to keep your dachshund warm.

Some Products That Can Help Keep Your Dachshund Warm

Kurgo Loft Jacket Dog Coat

This jacket is perfect for keeping your dachshund warm in colder weather. It is reversible, so you can choose between two different colors, and it also has reflective accents to keep your pup safe while out on walks during the night. The jacket comes in sizes small, medium, and large and fits dogs of almost all sizes.

  • REVERSIBLE, REFLECTIVE, & ADJUSTABLE: Stylish reversible dog vest is perfect to keep your dog cozy during chilly fall months & cold winter months when out on walks, hikes, & runs; reflective piping for visibility in the dark; adjustable hook & loop belly closure for custom fit
  • WATER RESISTANT & LIGHTWEIGHT: Just the right amount of coverage to keep your active dog warm without overheating; athletic fit for complete freedom of movement; water resistant, microtomic, ripstop material for durability & doesn’t make dog itchy like other jackets
  • WEAR WITH HARNESS: Leash access zipper opening on back allows complete access to dog’s harness so you can attach a leash & go; Easy on & off is perfect for walking, running, or hiking during colder months; Machine wash gentle, air dry
  • SIZE & FIT: Medium fits dogs with 18" neck, 26-35" chest, & 19.75" back; Please measure dog around widest part of chest & lower neck; back coverage will vary; If dog is in between sizes, size up for more coverage

Furhaven Pet Products – ThermaNAP Cat Bed Pad, ThermaNAP Dog Blanket Mat, Self-Warming Waterproof Throw Blanket

This blanket mat from Furhaven is perfect for keeping your dachshund warm! It features a removable cover that can be machine washed and comes in four different sizes. The low profile of the mat makes it ideal to use as bedding or even a doggie den. At an extremely affordable price, this is one of the best ways to keep your dachshund warm.

Toozey Pet Heating Pad, Temperature Adjustable Dog Cat Heating Pad with Timer

This heated pad is perfect for keeping your dachshund warm in colder weather. It can be adjusted to different temperatures and also has a timer so you can set it and forget it. The pad is waterproof, making it easy to clean, and comes with a chew-resistant cord for added safety.

  • ❤【Temperature Adjustable Function】Controlling the temperature of electric dog heating pad with the LED controller, it can adjust the temperature easily with 6 temperature settings ( 86-131℉/30-55℃) to accommodate your pets.
  • ❤【Pet Heating Pad with Timer】The electric pads for cats with timer function provide auto shut-off range from 4 to 24 hours, conserve energy and prevent burns caused by excessive heating. The timer LED will be shifted down one level to tell you how much time is left.
  • ❤【Safety and Secure Structure】7-layer protective structure with UL-certified heating wire protect pets from burns. Soft PVC envelope with waterproof and flame-retardant function. Built-in intelligent temperature sensor in the heating pad to prevent overheating to protect pets. Don’t let your pets lay on the pet heating pad without a plush cover.
  • ❤【Unique Heating Pad Design】Protect pets from chewing wires with dual resistant cord protection to ensure safety. Ultra-soft, machine-washable cover for comfort and convenience. If the inner pad becomes dirty, you just need to wipe the inner pad with a damp cloth instead of soaking it in water.
  • ❤【NOTE: DO NOT FOLD】Toozey Pet Heating Pad has a built-in heat transfer wire, folding it will cause the wire to break and lose the heating effect.
  • ❤【Attention: Keep Flat】When using the pet heating pad, please keep the heating pad flat for use. Please do not fold it during use. You should also pay attention to whether the heating pad is pressed into a small corner by your pet's body, if so, you need to unfold the heating pad in time.
  • ❤【Attention: Indoor Use】This product is only suitable for indoor use, using it outdoors will not achieve the expected heating effect.

Dog Hoodie Sweaters with hat Puppy Coats with Hooded

This sweater is perfect for keeping your dachshund warm in colder weather. It features a warm hat with ear flaps, making it great to wear during the fall and winter seasons. The dog hoodie sweaters are available in two colors and four different sizes, so they will fit most dogs of all breeds and sizes.

  • FABRIC: This dog hoodie is made of Polyester fabric. It feels so soft and comfortable to the touch. It is perfect for short hair or delicate skin, It will give your pet a dreamlike experience in the colder months.
  • When your dog first puts on any of our clothes, they'll see how light and easy it is to move around within minutes. We made it a big focus to keep our clothes fashionable without restricting the dogs movement as they pounce around. Lightweight, soft, and made for mobility.
  • The with a hoodie hat design, anti-cold greatly even in a chilly Winter. Easy to put on and put off, Perfect for everyday wear,holiday,parties,and photos,A great gift for your lovely puppy.
  • Very suitable for holidays, weekends and parties. Fashion coat makes your pet more comfortable and beautiful.
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