How Long Do Dachshunds Stay In Heat?

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Dachshunds are known for their short hair and long bodies, but what you may not know is that these dogs can experience heat cycles just like any other female. A dachshund’s season changes depending on how many times they have been bred in the past year; if it has never occurred before, then expect them to go into estrus once every 12 weeks or so – this means that your pup could be pregnant!

To keep track of when she will next ovulate, listen closely at night while she takes a dump because looking out for puppy piles tells us all we need about whether there’s anything planned during those days.

How long do dachshunds stay in heat?

How long a dachshund’s heat or estrus cycle lasts does vary, and the answer depends on the breed.

Dachshunds, in general, can stay in heat for up to three weeks, and it is during this time that they will be receptive to mating. Some say that they don’t even know if their dog is in heat, and they can’t understand why it is acting so strangely. These dogs go into heat for several days, during which time the animal gets attracted to every male she sees. They also will emit a very strong smell (pheromones) like that of a female dog in heat.

However, if your dachshund doesn’t get chosen by a male while in heat, she will go out of the heat on her own after 2-3 weeks.

How do I know if my dachshund is in heat?

If your dog has entered her first heat cycle, you may have some difficulty recognizing the symptoms. Although they are subtle at first, over time, they will become more obvious.

The first heat cycle for a dachshund is most likely to occur between 6 months and 1 year of age, but it can happen at any time during the dog’s lifespan.

Symptoms may include:

– The genitals appear bigger than usual. The entire area will feel softer than usual when you touch it.

– The vulva will be red and swollen with a lot of vaginal discharge.

– There may or may not be blood in the vaginal discharge, though the dog has not been mated before. If there is no blood present when she goes into heat, expect to see a white, yellowish discharge instead. The breeding process will be more difficult, so consult your vet to find out if it’s okay for her to get pregnant at this age.

How do male dogs know when a female dog is in heat?

Male dogs can smell the difference between a normal female and an in-heat one from some distance away. It doesn’t matter how old she is, or if she has been mated before. They are attracted to the scent of her vaginal discharge.

It isn’t possible for dogs to show any physical signs that they are in heat, but male dogs can sense it from their pheromones. When your dachshund starts emitting these chemicals, you will know that she is ready to be mated. Also, it’s not only the males who can smell the pheromones – but females will also get a whiff of them, and they may start going into heat as well.

At what age do dachshunds stop going into heat?

Dachshunds don’t go into heat for the first time before they are 6 months old. They can stay in heat for up to 3 weeks, but this is usually not more than 2 weeks.

If your dachshund does not get pregnant during one of these cycles, it will eventually stop. The female dog will not go into heat again until about 2 months later.

It’s possible for a dachshund to get pregnant when in the middle of her heat cycle, and this can happen any time during these 3 weeks: she can be in heat one day and pregnant the next. The only thing you can do is to know the symptoms so that you can tell the difference between heat and pregnancy.

Dogs that are spayed will not experience another heat cycle since there are no hormonal changes anymore after the surgery. If your dachshund has been neutered, she will also no longer go into heat.

Is it possible for a dachshund to get pregnant during its first heat cycle?

It is possible, but not very likely. If your dachshund has been spayed, there is no chance of her getting pregnant during the time she’s in heat. But if you have a dog that has not been spayed, there are still some things to take into consideration before allowing them to mate: – Your dachshund won’t be able to give birth until she is about 1 year old.

– Her pelvis may not have the proper size in relation to her body for the delivery of large puppies.

– If she delivers a litter, there is an increased risk that you will need to get them C-sectioned (which is a very expensive surgery).

– You will need to be careful that she doesn’t get pregnant again the following month. This is because her body does not recognize the pregnancy in the middle of a heat cycle, and there is still a chance for it to happen.

How long can you leave your dachshund in heat when mating them?

You can leave them together for as long as you want, but usually, the mating is only 15 minutes or so. However, it’s not a bad idea to separate them after that time and only let them meet the next day again.

How many litters can a dachshund have?

This depends on how much you let your dog mate. Usually, a female dachshund will have a litter of at least six puppies every time she goes into heat.

If you don’t want to end up with a house full of dachshunds, then only let them mate once or twice per season. If they are left together for longer, your dachshund could have more litter than you expected.


Dachshunds are prone to heat cycles, so it’s important that they be spayed. Your dog will inevitably have one every four months unless you take steps towards preventing breeding by neutering or registering her with an organization like Best Friends For Dogs (BFFD), which offers assistance in return for surgery costs when applicable–no matter what type of pet she was before getting pregnant! 

(Always consult your vet for advice)