How often should you bathe a dachshund?

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Is there anything more adorable than a dachshund puppy? These little dogs are so full of personality and excitement, and they make perfect pets. But taking care of a dachshund can be a bit tricky – they need to be bathed regularly to keep them looking and smelling their best. So today, we’re going to look at the best way to bathe your dachshund. Keep reading for our top tips!

How often should you bathe a dachshund?

With a bit of research on the subject, you will find that different members of the dachshund breed have differing opinions on how often they need to be bathed.  Some people recommend bathing a dachshund once a week, while others say once every few months is adequate.  The rule of thumb for most dog owners is to bathe their dogs when they start to smell bad. 

What shampoo should you use for your dachshund?

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With a few simple tricks, you can make sure to choose the right shampoo for your dachshund.

But the right shampoo to use for your dachshund is also a topic that can be discussed at length. Every owner of this breed should know all the important facts about the right shampoo to use for his own dog, as well as how often he needs to bathe it and what type of ingredients are best suited for different coat types.

To find out which type of shampoo your dachshund needs, you should first ask yourself what type of coat it has.

Many people assume that all long-haired dogs need the same type of shampoo. This is not true! If you have a short-haired dog with an undercoat, you will need to use a different shampoo than if you had an overcoat.

Because dachshunds are often long-haired, it may be difficult to figure out if you have an overcoat or an undercoat. If the hairs on your dog are long but sit close to its body without any loose hair, then you probably have a short-haired, smooth coat. If your dog has long hair that is loosely hanging around its body, then you probably have an overcoat dog.

How to bathe a dachshund puppy?

Get everything ready

Put down your towel and shampoo close to the sink, then fill up your tub just enough so that when you put in the puppy, it’s almost or entirely covered with water (but not too deep for him). If you’re using a full-length mirror (you don’t need one, but I like to), place it so that you can see yourself and your puppy in the mirror. Put down your damp washcloth, as well as your clean towel and dry shampoo if necessary. You don’t need a brush or anything because we’re just washing for now. It will be easier to brush him after he’s dry and less stressed out from being shampooed!


If it’s been a while since your pup has been bathed, I recommend brushing him beforehand. Only get undercoat hair wet — you don’t want to soak the topcoat because that will prevent proper drying and leave him feeling cold and clammy. If he doesn’t have much undercoat hair to worry about, then just skip this step.

In the tub

Place your pup in the tub quickly. If he doesn’t like having his feet soaked, then you might want to wrap them in a towel before putting him in. Be firm and confident; don’t let your puppy dilly dally as you’re trying to put him into the tub (it’s best for all parties if you avoid conflict). If he’s unsure, you can put a hand on his chest to keep him in the tub. Keep eye contact with your pup so that he knows it’s you and not some stranger trying to get him into the bathtub.

Final step

Now, get yourself ready. If you will be directly involved by holding onto your dog, then turn off the water flow. Begin gently washing your pup’s face by holding his muzzle with one hand and getting shampoo into his nose/ears/body with the other. If you’re not directly involved, then just let him soak for a few minutes before proceeding.


Let your puppy out of the tub. You can alternate between using your hands or a washcloth to dry him off, but don’t let him go wild — keep hold of him so that he knows you’re giving him attention.

How should you wash your dachshund?

One of the most important things to remember when washing your dachshund is that their skin is very sensitive, and they do not like to be submerged in water. You should also make sure you use a shampoo recommended for dogs with no chemicals such as deodorants or perfumes. The easiest way to clean your dachshund is to either use a baby’s handheld shower head with the setting turned to stream, or with a cup and small set of stairs.

It is recommended that you do not wash your dachshund more than once every two weeks as their skin can become too dry, which leads to irritation and itching. If there is any dirt on them, such as from a walk, use a damp cloth to wipe them down and then let them outside to dry. This will also help their skin as they do not sweat as we do, so if on warmer days you feel they are too hot, it is best to clean and sunbathe them.

How do you bathe a dachshund if he’s scared of the water?

How Do You Bathe A Dachshund If Hes Scared Of The Water

If your dachshund fears water, be gentle with him and don’t force the issue. Start by taking bath time slowly so as not to stress out or panic him even more while building up his confidence in what you have planned for later down the line once he has had enough practice at it.

Time goes by quickly when spending quality bonding moments like these between pet owners!

1. Prepare the area by filling a tub with some inches of lukewarm water and some towels so your dog can have a soft landing if he slips.

2. Find a treat! Dachshunds love treats!!

3. Pick up your dog and bring him close to the tub of water, but not too close.

4. While holding your dog with one arm, use the other to slowly pour some of the water on him until he’s wet enough for your liking.

5. Give him a treat in celebration!

6. Put down your dog in the tub, so his feet are submerged in the water. Don’t turn the faucet on yet.

7. Gradually lower your dog into the tub while continuing to give him treats intermittently throughout the process but remember that you do not want to force him underwater, so ensure you are monitoring his comfort level at all times.

8. After your dog seems calm with being in the water, turn on the faucet, but make sure it is only lukewarm water at this stage.

9. Keep your dog in the tub for a few minutes while praising him and giving him treats every time he makes even the slightest movement towards tolerating his bath (if he’s shaking off, then that counts).

10. Once you feel that your dog is enjoying the water, you can begin using a dog shampoo if he tolerates it. If your dog doesn’t seem to mind the shampoo, then just continue as usual with lukewarm water only.

11. Rinse off all the shampoo from his body and keep him in the tub until he is calm. Remember that if he’s shaking it off, you do not want to make him stay in the water. If he is tolerating the warmth of the bath, then he can shake off outside.

12. Dry off your dachshund with a towel and celebrate all the progress you’ve made together!

13. Give your dog plenty of love and treats to show him how much you care.

Notes on bathing a dachshund:

If your dog shivers or acts scared, he probably isn’t comfortable with the temperature of the water. If this is the case, then turn off the faucet and try again later. Be sure to monitor his comfort level by checking his tail and the position of his ears, so you don’t accidentally over-stress him.

Remember that this method will only work if your dog likes treat! If your dachshund doesn’t like treats, then be sure to give him lots of praise and attention throughout the bathing process.

Final Thoughts

Dachshunds have a very dry coat and skin, so it’s important to bathe them less often. They produce too little natural oil for their covering of hair which can lead not only to unpleasant odors but also irritating dragging on the ground when walking around outside all day!

All-natural dog shampoos will help keep these problems at bay by leaving behind moisturizing agents from plant ingredients like shea butter or aloe vera extract – oils that dogs were bred using centuries ago before we started using modern luxuries.