How the Dachshund Came to Be

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Despite the loveable nature of the Dachshund, not everyone will be familiar with the breed’s origins. The following is an overview of where the Dachshund comes from and its historical roots. 

Where Does the Name ‘Dachshund” Originate? 

The Dachshund was first used in Germany during the 15th century for hunting. As they were bred for hunting badger, they would be called Dachshund, a combination of the German words Dachs and Hund, which translates to badger and dog, respectively. 

In addition to their official name, some may also refer to a Dachshund as a sausage dog, a reference to its long slender body. 

What Breeds Were Used to Create Dachshunds? 

Although many Dachshunds look the same, there can be a series of differences among different dogs. Some dogs have smooth coats, while others have long hair. They can also come in many colors: tan, cream, black, and dapple.

This is because Dachshunds were initially bred using the dwarf gene with taller hunting dogs. So, although it is assumed that Bloodhounds, Terriers, and Pinschers were used to create the Dachshund, no one knows the exact breeds that were used to create the different types of this unique breed.

Are Modern Dachshunds an Evolved Breed? 

Nowadays, Dachshunds are kept as pets and adored by dog owners worldwide. Although they will still have a hunting heritage, modern Dachshunds are affectionate, loyal, and very playful. 

However, pet owners often find that Dachshunds are stubborn and will love to bark when getting excited. These are characteristics of the breed that, while not present in every dog, showcase the history of this adorable breed. 

Many of the breed’s features remain the same, although modern Dachshunds are smaller than those used for hunting during the 15th century. 

Are Dachshunds Prone to Any Illnesses or Conditions? 

Dedicated dog owners will already know that all breeds can be prone to health problems, and the Dachshund is no exception. Although there is no certainty that your pet will suffer from the following conditions, they are some of the most common ailments associated with Dachshunds. 

  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Knee Dislocation 
  • Skin Problems 
  • Hip Dysplasia 

Although some of the conditions listed can cause concern among Dachshund owners, pet owners can take steps to ensure their dog is the healthiest it can be. 

Looking After a Dachshund

Regular veterinary checkups must be scheduled annually, as with any breed of dog, in addition to the following. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet 

Dachshunds require a blanched diet of meat, poultry, and fish to ensure they receive all the nutrition and protein they need. However, they also love carrots, green beans, cottage cheese, and watermelon (without the seeds). 

There are also several organic dog food options available that can provide plenty of nutrients while eliminating the unwanted ingredients sometimes present in conventional dog food. 

Safeguard a Dachshund’s Back Whenever Possible 

As back problems are common among Dachshunds, pet owners will be keen to minimize their onset. Although there is no guaranteed method of avoiding back pain due to the playful nature of the dogs, owners tend to avoid high-impact activities like jumping and running. 

Although it has been centuries since the creation of the loveable Dachsund, they remain as popular today as they were many years ago. However, the Dachshund is often found in the home instead of hunting badgers in the modern day.