How To Calm Your Dachshund

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Dachshunds are some of the most loyal dogs you will ever meet. They love to play, run around, and generally get into trouble. But sometimes they can get a little too excited!

This blog post is for anyone who wants to know how to calm their dachshund when they start barking or growling at other people or animals. With these five tips, your dog will learn how to be friendlier in no time!

Reward Them When They Are Calm

Reward your dog when they are calm and quiet. When you give them a treat or cuddle with them, it will show that being nice is the best way to get what they want! It’s also important not to make loud noises like clapping or shouting because this can startle your dachshund and cause even more of a commotion.

Distract Them with Toys

If your dachshund is getting too excited, try to distract them with a toy. This can be anything from a ball to a chew toy. Playing with your dog will help to tire them out and calm them down. Just make sure that you put the toys away when you’re not playing with them!

Remove the Triggers That Make Your Dog Feel Over Excited

If there are certain things that make your dachshund feel overexcited, try to remove them from the equation. This could be anything from other dogs to people running around. If it’s not possible to remove them, then try to distract your dog with something else when they start getting too worked up.

Get Them Used To Socializing

Dachshunds can be shy around strangers, but you can help them get used to socializing by taking them out and about. Try to take them to places where there will be lots of people and other dogs. This will help your dog learn that not all new things are bad!

Train Them with Commands

One of the best ways to calm your dachshund is by training them with commands. This will help to put some structure into their day and make them more obedient. Make sure that you start off slowly and only use a few commands at first. As your dog masters each command, add on another one until they know them all!

Take Them Out For a Walk Everyday

Taking your dachshund for a walk every day will help to keep them calm and happy. It’s also a great way to socialize with people, other dogs, and even cats! If you can’t take them out every day, then try taking them out several times a week instead.

Establish A Place and Time When Your Dachshund Has To Be Calm

If your dachshund is getting too excited at certain times of the day, try to establish a place and time where they have to be calm. This could be in their kennel or in another room away from people and other animals. Make sure that you stick to this rule so that your dog knows that there are consequences for their bad behavior.

Ignore Their Behavior and Don’t Give Them Attention

When your dachshund is barking or growling, try to ignore their behavior and don’t give them attention. This includes eye contact, talking to them, or giving them a treat. If you do this consistently, they will eventually learn that this is not the way to get what they want!