Why Do Dachshunds Yawn So Much?

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Your dachshund may yawn for a variety of reasons than just wanting more sleep. They could be displeased, anxious, irritated, bored, disinterested, or enthusiastic. The strangest explanation is that yawning may spread, so when they saw you yawn, they did as well.

However, your dachshund may want to indicate something to you; that’s why they are yawning, and it can be possible. 

In this article, you’ll learn the five most surprising reasons why dachshunds yawn so much. 

5 Reasons Why Dachshunds Yawn So Much

Your dachshunds usually yawn so much because:

They Are Bored

Dachshunds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, and they are known for their long, slender bodies and big, floppy ears. They are also known for their tendency to yawn a lot.

There are a few different theories about why dachshunds yawn so much, but the most likely explanation is that they are simply bored.

Dachshunds are intelligent dogs that need a lot of mental stimulation. They can get bored if they are left alone for too long or don’t have enough to do. And when they get bored, they tend to yawn.

So, if your dachshund is yawning a lot, it might be a good idea to give them some more toys to play with or to take them for more walks.

They Want Your Attention

Yawning is very contagious, and dogs are very sensitive to it. They see us yawning, and they can’t help but yawn themselves. They are trying to say, “Hey, I’m here too! Pay attention to me!”

Dogs also understand the power of eye contact and will use it to their advantage. If they want our attention, they will make eye contact and hold it until we give in and give them the attention they crave.

It’s amazing how much our dogs want our attention and how much they will go to get it. The next time your dog yawns, take a moment to give them the attention they so clearly want and see how happy it makes them.

They Are Nervous

Dachshunds are very nervous animals, so their nervousness reaches its peak when they yawn. They may feel anxious about something that has happened in their lives, or that will happen in the future. 

The constant yawning is just a way for them to relieve that nervousness and calm down before anything else happens. It also helps them sleep better at night by removing some of the anxiety from their minds and bodies.

They Are Impatient

Your dog is disturbing you while you’re still in bed at 6:34 AM. They know you are sleeping on your job, and their usual walk time is 6:30 AM. You could see them yawning a few times as they continued to paw at you during this stare-down. Yawns in this situation probably indicate impatience.

They want you to drag yourself out of bed and take them outdoors to engage in their favorite activity. And after a long night, likely to need to go to the bathroom.

You could also experience an impatient yawn when you pause in the middle of a stroll to talk to someone. Your dog could become impatient and start being a little theatrical if you stop to talk to a neighbor for more than a few minutes.

You could catch a few loud yawns during your reign as drama king or queen, followed by a sigh.

They Are Confused

Like us, dogs can get confused. In fact, while you are teaching your dog a new form of training, it’s not unusual to see them yawn. They frequently don’t completely obey what is being requested of them when you ask for a new order. 

Before they fully understand what you are asking them to accomplish, you must repeatedly remind them.

You could observe yawning behavior as a result. This is only a little confusion regarding the new command, not necessarily irritation. Your dog should quit this behavior and obey the orders once you’ve taken the proper actions. 

It could take a few more tries for dogs that are obstinate or thought to be of lesser intelligence to pick up commands.


That was all about it. There are several reasons why dachshunds yawn so much, and now you know what can be the reasons for their yawning. You just have to take care of your dog. 

However, when you see your dog yawning, try to understand why they are doing it and give them the peace they want.