Are Dachshunds Good with Children?

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Have you decided on getting a doxie as a new family member? Congrats on that! Because this cute little dog is going to fill your home with love and care. But, do you have children at home? Are you thinking are dachshunds good with children?

If yes, then don’t worry about it! Because dachshunds love children! They are loving family dogs who crave the attention and love of being a family.

Some dogs can be quite aggressive towards children. But a dachshund doesn’t fall under that category. They like being around children and playing with them. A good walk or run at the park with their favorite human can make them the happiest souls.

What makes dachshunds good with children?

Dachshunds are people-loving. So many things about a dachshund’s personality make them perfect family dogs. Let us look at some of the traits that make them who they are:


Dachshunds thrive on affection and care. They are super-loving dogs who love so much and want love back. They form a close bond with their family and are very affectionate towards them. This trait of theirs makes them suitable around children.

Dachshunds were bred to hunt, and hence their ancestors lived in packs. They know what it’s like to live in groups and experience taking care of each other. Once they bond with children, they will never leave their side.


Loyalty is what dachshund is all about. They become extremely close to one person in the family and will remain loyal to that person forever. If you have a kid at home, then enabling them to become close is what you should work towards.

If a dachshund is loyal to you, he may follow you everywhere you go. They will become protective of you and will obey everything you say. In fact, your dachshund may take care of your kid when you are not around.


The playful nature of dachshunds is what makes them good companions for children. Dachshunds are super-energetic dogs who love running, digging, and playing with anything they find. Your kid will love being with a dachshund because both of them will definitely keep each other busy.


Dachshunds are friendlier than most other dog breeds. They don’t mind making new friends with strangers and other animals too. A dachshund that has undergone early socialization and proper training when small is very gentle and friendly towards kids.


Dachshunds are tolerant of children and babies, and they don’t mind their ears or tails being pulled by children while playing. But, of course, adult supervision is always necessary when kids are with dogs.


Dachshunds, by nature, love to explore, hunt, and are always curious. They make good adventurous dogs you can take for your next family hiking trip. This trait of theirs makes them get along very well with children. Don’t be surprised if you see your kid and the doxie trying out some stunts at home when left alone.

How to introduce dachshund to children?

How to introduce dachshund to children?

 If you are planning on getting a dachshund, then the best time to get one is when they are still a pup. Since pups are still getting used to the outside world, they will instantly gel along with anything or anybody new.

But, don’t worry if you are adopting a matured dachshund too. As mentioned above, their personality makes it easier for them to be around children. Here are a few things to do when you first bring them home.

  • Let the children sit on the floor when the dog first arrives. Seeing humans on the same level as their height may make them feel safe.
  • The doxie will immediately start sniffing everything and everybody around. Tell your children not to react when the dog comes sniffing at them.
  • Once the dog has had a hang of the surroundings, ask the children to gently pat the dachshund on the back or the head. If the dog seems to shudder, then let the kids put forward their hands and let the dog sniff. This act will allow the dog to get used to the smell and not feel threatened.

Rules to follow with dachshund and children

When you have children and a dachshund at home, there must be strict rules in place. We say this because dachshunds are sensitive and fragile dogs that can be easily hurt. Here are a few rules you can teach your children at home.

No squeezing

Dachshunds are cuddly by nature, but your kids may squeeze them hard when trying to cuddle them. Teach your children not to squeeze them because doing so may hurt their backs. A dachshund’s long body has a fragile back that can get frayed when squeezed very hard.

No picking always

Dachshunds are prone to a back problem known as Intervertebral Disc Disease. Their long and slender backs can get easily hurt if you keep picking them up always. Teach your kids to pick them using both hands (one under the chest and the other on the rump).

No jumping on beds or sofas

Dachshunds are prone to sleeping under covers. You will mostly find them snuggled under the blanket, duvet covers, or in sofa corners. Since children are always playful, they may accidentally step on the dog if they have a habit of jumping on beds.

No pulling the tail

It is common among children to pull a dog’s tail as a way of teasing them. Since a dachshund’s back is delicate, pulling the tail may potentially harm the back. Therefore, teach the kids not to touch the tail when they are playing.


Dachshunds and children can be two sides of the same coin. Since dachshunds are affectionate, playful, and loving by nature, they can get along very well with children. Introducing the kids to a puppy is much easier than with a mature dog.

It is a good idea to ask the breeder if the pup is acquainted with human touch and smell or if they’ve trained him with early socialization.