Are Dogs Allowed Up American Fork Canyon?

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American Fork Canyon is a canyon located in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, United States. This expansive area of undeveloped land includes many individual locations, such as The Alpine Loop Scenic Backway, Mount Timpanogos Cave National Monument, and Cascade Springs. Enjoy the canyon by camping, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and biking. Just keep in mind that a 1-3 day pass costs $6, but using State Road 92 (the Alpine Loop) won’t cost any fees.

There are many great places to bring your dog hiking as you explore the beautiful views of this location. Timpooneke Trail is one pet-friendly trail that shouldn’t be missed when visiting American Fork Canyon. This trail climbs a long staircase that connects the Timpanogos Summit Trait and the Mount Timpanogos Trail. While on the path, you will experience waterfalls, wildflowers, and potentially even see mountain goats.

This hike is very long at 14.3 miles, so bring lots of water and prepare for an expansive trip. This trail can take up to 8 hours to hike, so it’s recommended to bring a backpack with food, water, sunscreen, and wear solid shoes and be sure to take time for you and your dog to rest. Also, be sure to keep your dog on a leash and bring bags to clean up after them.

Tibble Fork Reservoir in Provo, Utah, is a popular, dog-friendly freshwater lake located up American Fork Canyon. There’s a variety of outdoor activities to bring your dog along to, like hiking and camping.

It’s shaded throughout, and there are many rest spots to hang out at, picnic tables to eat at, and shorter, easier trails to walk on with your dog. The parking is limited, and this spot can get crowded since it’s more popular, but it’s still a great place to take your dog. Be sure to bring water for yourself and your pet, bags for cleaning up behind your dog, and keep an eye on your pet since it’s a public space with other people. A leash is recommended.

Here are some other things we recommend too:

For a great dog spot that doesn’t include hiking, American Fork Dog Park in American Fork, Utah, is a small, simple dog park that allows your pet to run off-leash. West Jordan Dog Park is also a huge, 3-plus acre, fully enclosed park for dogs to play off-leash. The area is split by large and small dogs, and waste bags, water spigots, and benches are also available for use.

dog off leash
Dog Off Leash

This can be a good idea if you’re driving through the canyon via the Alpine Scenic Loop Backway and want a place to stop to allow your pet to play. Your dog may even make a new friend at the park, and you’ll be saved a car trip of high energy from your dog.

Whether you’re just driving through or stopping for one of the hikes mentioned, American Fork Canyon is a great dog-friendly place to get exercise and see beautiful sights. Take the time to check it out and go on a trail or two with your dog. You won’t be let down by what you’ll experience here, and there’s many great reviews to support it!