Can Mini Dachshund Swim? The Truth Revealed

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There seems to be some debate over whether or not mini dachshunds can swim. Some people say that they can, while others insist that they can’t. So, what’s the truth? Can mini dachshunds swim?

The answer may surprise you! In this blog post, we will take a look at the evidence and find out once and for all if these little dogs can paddle their way through the water.

Little Legs But Plenty Of Courage

First of all, it’s important to note that not all mini dachshunds can swim. Some dogs are simply too afraid of the water and will never be able to get into a pool or lake without some serious coaxing.

However, there are plenty of mini dachshunds who love swimming and can do quite well in the water. These dogs have little legs, but they have plenty of courage and can paddle their way through the pool or lake with ease.

How Do I Get My Dachsund Used To The Water?

This is a slow process and not something that should be rushed. If you have a mini dachshund who seems hesitant to go near the water, start by getting them used to the sound of running water. Turn on the faucet and let your dog listen to the noise for a while.

Once your dog is comfortable with the sound of running water, slowly introduce them to small amounts of water. Start by putting their paws in the water and then slowly move them closer to the edge of the pool or lake.

Once your dog is comfortable with this, slowly move them further in with you. Be sure to praise them and give them a treat for every successful swim.

Pro tip – check to see if there are any doggy daycares near you that have paddling pools. These are great for introducing your dogs to swimming and socializing with other dogs too.

Use A Life Jacket If Needed

If your dachshund is new to swimming, it’s a good idea to use a life jacket until you’re sure they can swim without assistance. Not all mini dachshunds are natural swimmers, and some can easily become fatigued.

A life jacket will help keep your dog safe and ensure that they can enjoy their time in the water.

Is it good for dachshunds to swim?

Swimming had some great health benefits for dachshunds. It can help them stay in shape, keep their muscles toned, and improve their overall fitness.

It is crucial to keep your dachshund in a shape to avoid any back problems. Swimming is one of the best exercises for dachshunds because it doesn’t put any stress on their backs.

Lose Weight

Dachshunds can also lose weight by swimming, which can help keep them healthy and reduce the chances of them developing obesity-related health problems.

Cooling Down

Swimming is also a great way for dachshunds to cool off on hot days!

Can you take dachshunds to the beach?

The simple answer is YES! If you’ve been to the beach there’s a high chance that would have seen a Dachshund running around. Just be mindful of the sun and make sure they have plenty of water.

Also, keep an eye on the waves, the sea can be relentless and completely different from swimming in a pool so make sure your Dachshund is watched at all times.


In conclusion, mini dachshunds can swim – and they can even be quite good at it! If you have a swimming dog, be sure to praise them and give them a treat every time they hit the pool or lake.

Swimming is a great exercise for your dachshund and can help keep them healthy and fit.