Why Do Dachshunds Dig So Much?

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Dachshunds are a type of dog known for their endless energy, so it’s no surprise they love to burrow. But when you have one that digs holes in your lawn or makes huge ditches next door, here’s what I find interesting – why does he do this? What can we learn from our furry friends’ habits and actions around the house!

Why do dachshunds dig so much?

Dachshunds are a hunting breed. In the old days, their job was to follow badgers or foxes into their holes and dispatch them. Since they were bred to be short on leg, this is not as easy as it sounds – many of them got stuck down an animal hole. Of those that didn’t, a fair number of the prey escaped. Nowadays, with their original purpose passed, they still have plenty of energy and love to dig holes in your garden or under your feet!

Dachshunds need physical exercise (and mental stimulation) every day to avoid boredom. If you don’t provide them with enough opportunities for these things, then not only will you have dug holes throughout your garden, but you will also start to see other behavioral problems, such as barking and chewing.

Are dachshunds known for digging?

Dachshunds are famous for digging, but only because they are bred to do so. They are the perfect size and shape for digging. Those long legs and those short bodies, along with a dog breed instinct to dig, make the dachshund a very unique breed that excels in one thing: digging.

One of the most famous uses of a dachshund is for hunting badgers. Dachshunds are bred for digging, and are capable of digging their way into the dens of badgers. This is a very dangerous task for a dog, but dachshunds are small and brave enough to take on the badger.

Why does my dachshund dig at the floor?

If dogs dig at the floor, it’s because they’re trying to get something out of their system, like a hairball. If you leave your dog without supervision, then you should keep an eye on where they like to do this and clean up after them regularly. You could even check whether it looks like they have any long hairs in there and, if so, take them to the vet.

Why does my dachshund dig at me?

If your dog digs at you when they’re happy, then it means they love you. If they dig you when they’re excited or agitated (e.g., before going for a walk or mealtime), then this is their way of showing it to you, and they need more physical exercise in their daily routine.

Why does my dachshund bark at me when she’s digging?

If your dog barks at you while they’re digging, this is because they want to let you know that there’s something interesting in the area. They might even manage to get it out, which will make them very happy (e.g., a small animal like a mole), and then they might try and dig it up again later.

What does it mean when my dachshund digs at the carpet?

What does it mean when my dachshund digs at the carpet?

If your dachshund starts digging at the carpet, then this is something that they’ve done recently, so a new smell or stimulus might have triggered it. You should take them for a walk and let them explore an area with a strong smell so that their brain will switch off from the issue.

What should I do if my dachshund digs?

You can teach your dachshund not to dig, but this will take time and patience on your part. It’s difficult to train an older dog (i.e., one-year-old or older), especially if the behavior has been present for some time already. If it’s younger than that, then you can more easily influence their behavior.

If you don’t want to train your dachshund not to dig, then the only other alternative is to cover up the area where they like to dig with netting or rocks so that they can’t reach it anymore. Or you could just put up with it and get a good chuckle at their antics whenever they do it!

How do I stop my dachshund from digging?

The best thing is to give your dachshund plenty of exercises and mental stimulation so that they don’t feel the need to dig. If this isn’t possible, then you can also teach them not to dig – it’s not as difficult as it sounds. The first thing you need to do is make sure their nails aren’t too long, and if they are, then trim them. You can also use a special anti-digging spray that smells like peppermint; the smell will put your dog off digging in that specific place.

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How do I stop my dachshund from digging under the fence?

If your dog is digging under the fence, then this is because there’s something very interesting on the other side – if you can’t see what it is, then their sense of smell will be driving them crazy. You can either put up a physical barrier to stop them, or another option is to get rid of whatever it is that’s attracting them. You should also dig down along the fence line so that there’s nowhere for your dachshund to go.

How do I train my dachshund not to dig?

Training your dachshund not to dig is easy when they’re a young puppy, but it’s much harder when they’re older. If you want to try and train an adult dog, then you will need to be patient and very persistent – the earlier you start with this, the easier it will be.

Should I shout at my dachshund for digging a hole?

You need to be careful shouting at your dachshund. Dogs don’t respond well to shouting and screaming, in fact, it makes them nervous and defensive. This can lead to barking and other negative behaviors you don’t want.

So, the best thing to do is remove the dog from the situation. Do this by calling the dog to you and then removing him from the area. If the dog continues to dig in the same spot, move him to a new area. This way he won’t associate the movement with the behavior and he’ll stop digging in that spot.

Will neutering stop my dachshund digging?

In most cases, it can have a big effect on their behavior, but not always. In some cases, neutering may worsen the problem because your dog might start digging for other reasons.

Will my dachshund grow out of digging?

Dachshunds are very receptive to learning and training, so you can teach them not to dig if they do. You should start as soon as possible with the training – ideally when they’re a puppy – because it will be much easier than trying to train an older dog. If the behavior has already become entrenched, then you will need to be very patient with them.


Dachshunds are hunting dogs that were bred to follow prey into underground tunnels, so it’s safe to assume that they will dig if the right stimulus is present. However, it’s also worth bearing in mind that dachshunds are very curious and intelligent, which means that they might start digging for other reasons – e.g.because you’ve started training them not to dig in a certain area. It’s also worth bearing in mind that they can dig in small places, and if it’s your garden, then this might cause damage to the plants, grass, etc.