Can Dachshunds Swim?

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We all know that different breeds of dogs have different abilities when it comes to swimming. Some breeds, like bulldogs and pugs, are not the best in the water. But what about dachshunds? Can these small dogs swim? And if they can, is it something that you should encourage them to do? Let’s take a closer look at this question.

Can dachshunds swim?

Dachshunds, the famous hounds of Germany and Poland, are known for their big ears that can flop when they’re resting. These pups also have a long body with short legs, which makes them less efficient at swimming than other breeds, but this doesn’t mean Doxies cannot learn how! In fact, most people think these dogs would rather be on dry land instead, so it may take more effort from your pup before he or she decides to try out dipped water – just remember patience is key here!

Are dachshunds good at swimming?

Dachshund is a small and muscular dog breed. Despite its agility and energy, the dachshund is famous for its fear of water. While it can swim, it does so rather unskilfully and needs to be assisted. The swimming posture is very uncomfortable as their legs splay about as they try to paddle (which does no good). The dachshund does not have the necessary body structure to allow it to be a proficient swimmer.

Another thing – it is said that this breed will tire quickly when swimming, which means drowning may become an issue if they are in rough or deep water for too long. When playing with his owner, however, he may enjoy jumping into the pool.

Do dachshunds like the beach?

Do Dachshunds Like The Beach

Dachshunds are not exactly water dogs, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t enjoy time on the beach. In fact, there are some dachshunds that love going into the water and will swim whenever they have an opportunity to do so. They might not be as big a fan of getting wet as a Labrador Retriever or a Newfoundland, but this is one thing that might make them special compared to most other dogs.

Dachshunds might not be the best swimmers ever, but they are good enough for just about every beach activity. For example, you can take them out on a paddleboat or let them run around on the sand without needing to worry too much about sharks or boa constrictors that live in these waters.

Pointers when taking your dachshund to the beach

While there are many drawbacks to having your dog jump in the water during his or her first encounter with the ocean or lake, swimming can be a very positive experience if you take safety precautions. If you are thinking of taking your dachshund to the beach, here are a few pointers to consider.

Keep Your Dog Safe!

This is paramount when you’re planning an outing with your new dachsie, but it’s always good advice for all pet owners; keep an eye on where Fido is always, and make sure he or she can’t slip away unnoticed.

Use A Life Jacket!

Even if your dachshund swims well, she might not be able to stay afloat if she gets tired during an extended swim (and even dachshunds who are good swimmers can tire easily). Adding flotation devices like life jackets or water wings is an excellent way to make sure your doxie stays safe at the beach.

Don’t Overdo It!

Remember that even a dachshund who loves the water will not want to stay at the seashore for more than a few hours, tops. While you can make it fun for your pup by trying to interest her in games of fetch or other doggy sports, don’t push your dog too hard. This is especially important if your dachshund’s first encounters with water haven’t gone well—remember that you’re trying to build positive associations while avoiding unnecessary stress and frustration.

Watch For Signs of Stress!

Dogs are very good at masking stress, so it can be hard to tell when your dachshund is feeling overwhelmed by new or exciting situations. If you’re not sure if your little wiener dog is enjoying herself, pay attention to her body language.

Is swimming good for a dachshund’s back?

Swimming can be bad for a dachshund’s back because they can’t support themselves in the water. Also, they could drown because of their weight and short legs. Standing in the water is no problem. You could even put them into a life jacket if you are very paranoid about them drowning 

How to train your dachshunds to swim

#1. You can start by getting them used to being near the pool. Introduce them to the pool slowly and let them get used to its presence. You can also try putting toys or treats in the water so that your dachshunds will meet water more often.

#2. Once your dachshunds are comfortable around the pool, you need to teach them how to swim. The first thing you need to do is start them off with something simple, such as a pool noodle. When they have mastered this, try setting them free in the pool, but make sure to stay close by so that you can help if necessary.

#3. Once your dachshund has reached the point where they are comfortable in the water, it’s time to teach them how to swim! If you want to keep things simple, then encourage them by throwing a toy or stick into the pool and letting them chase after it.

#4. If your dachshund still has problems swimming, then you can create an artificial current. You will need a longboard at least half as tall as your dachshund and place it in the pool so that one end is in the shallow end and one in the deep. You can then place an object near the deep end so that your dachshund must swim toward it.

#5. Now you can combine all the steps you have taken so far and let them play near the pool with one toy. Once they are used to this, start throwing more toys into the pool and encouraging them to fetch them. Your dachshunds should learn how to use their paws as paddles by trying to reach for a toy or bringing it back up to the side of the pool.

#6. If your dachshund will not fetch a toy in the pool, then try using a fishing pole-type device and let them chase after the string attached to the object, such as their favorite toy or stick.

#7. If your dachshunds are still struggling with swimming, you can take them for short swims in shallow water (waist-level) around the pool or lake so that they stay close to you and feel safe.


Dachshunds are a breed of dog that was originally bred in Germany to hunt badgers and other small game. They can be taught how to swim, but they’re naturally oriented towards burrowing on land.

In general, though many dogs have been known to love the water, it’s just dependant on your dog.